Hazel's New Engine

On a nice Saturday (February 23, 2002) we decided to install the newly rebuilt engine in Ed's 1930 Model A Roadster.  We started the project at 10:30 AM in the morning and we finished up with the motor installed and running by 6 PM.  We took a break for lunch at noontime.  This was the first time that either of us had ever installed an engine in a Model A Ford (we took the engine out of the car in November 2001) and we ran into a few problems that took some time to think about and, ultimately, solve.

ed_engine8.jpg (60050 bytes)

ed_engine7.jpg (62369 bytes)

ed_engine6.jpg (64741 bytes)

Here I am getting ready to assist with the engine installation. >>>>>>>>>>>

ed_engine1.jpg (38794 bytes)


ed_engine4.jpg (46912 bytes)

ed_engine2.jpg (56833 bytes)

ed_engine3.jpg (51774 bytes)

ed_engine5.jpg (310018 bytes)



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