Installation of a high compression "police head"



removing old studs

more stud removal

New studs installed

gasket down

another view of gasket

ready to install nuts and torque down


This engine is probably an older rebuild.  One of the threaded holes in the block had a Helicoil insert but other than that, the block looked to be in great shape.  The pistons are standard size.  I had the pan off the car earlier this this past Summer (2005) to check the clearances on the mains and rods and the Babbitt bearing are in excellent shape.  About the only thing this engine really needs is a valve job that would include adjustable tappets (lifters).  The valves aren't really bad but an upgrade would be nice.  I suppose a counterbalanced crank would be a good investment also.

The installation of the new high compression (5.5:1) head went well and the torque on the nuts was set to 65 lbs.