1930 Ford model 68B Cabriolet

---  I owned this car for about 12 years but sold it in 2014 ---

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This car was originally from Iowa and a complete "body off" restoration was completed in Colorado in 1989.

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The car has matching engine and body numbers and it has rare "eyebrow" type front fenders.  The manufacture date is January 1930.

The Cabriolet was a top of the line car for the Ford Motor Company.  This car is painted Bronson Yellow and Seal Brown with orange pinstripe and black wire wheels.  It also has a rumble seat. nh_8.jpg (62361 bytes)

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This car was acquired from the previous owner in California and then shipped to Boston in June of 2002.  It was originally an Iowa car.

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Pictures above and to the left show the car in it's original "as found" condition.

Pictures of the newly installed top click here.

Pictures of the split front fender and repair click here

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A Model A Cabriolet is somewhat like a Model A Roadster but it has rollup windows.  Ford Model A Roadsters had optional snap on "side curtains" that were used to help keep the weather out of the passenger compartment. Here's a picture of a Roadster with the side curtains in place.

Most of these pictures were taken in the Lake Sunapee area in New Hampshire in July of 2002.

In July 2006, a second place trophy in the Touring Class was awarded by MAFCA at the National Meet in Mansfield, MA. 


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