1930 Ford Model A Station Wagon

Model 150B

December 2005 update:  I am making progress with the restoration of this vehicle.  I now have all of the doors varnished with Epifanes high gloss spar varnish and will be working on the rear quarter panels, the tailgate and the roof shortly.  I hope to have the car drivable by April 2006.

December 2006 update:  Wow, a year has just flown by.  The varnishing was completed over last Winter.  I put an average of seven (7) coats of Epifanes Gloss Spar varnish on all of the wood surfaces. Assembly of the car began in the late Spring.  I ran into a big problem with the rear inner fenders. Apparently, they were incorrect in that the fenders would not correctly fit inside the wells.  Fast forward to November and I have secured a pair of correct rear wheel wells (inner fenders) and I've had them painted gloss black.  I hope to get a few days over Christmas to start assembly of the body once again.

Late December 2006 update:  I have started the reassembly of the body.  Both rear inner fenders are installed and yesterday (12/28/06) one fender was installed and the fit is excellent.  I need to buy some more hardware and next week will install the rear fender on the driver's side of the car.

February 2007 update:  I now have both rear quarters and fenders mounted and the fit is excellent.  I also have the tailgate back on and after a few adjustments it too fits pretty well.  Two weeks ago I started installing the windshield.

July 2007 update:  I am in the process of applying additional varnish to the outside of the doors.  I am trying to get the tone of the varnish to match the rear quarters that are already on the car.  Mounted the rear doors on the car last week.

April 2008 update:  All the doors are now on the car.  Headlights mounted.  Rear tail light mounted.  Front seat is in.  Windshield is installed.  The car is almost drivable!  Just have to get the wiring harness installed now.

April 10, 2008 update:  Installed wiring harness.  Installed windshield, emergency brake handle, seats, floor mats, front bumper supports and bumper and fresh gasoline.

June 2008 update:  I now have the long grain vinyl roof installed. 

October 2008 update:  I have been driving the car for the past two months on local trips.  No side curtains yet.  The doors all close tight now.  Lots of detail work going on.  Need to get the rain gutters installed.

March 2009 update:  I have received my new side curtains and I hope to install them in April.

May 2009 update:  Installed the side curtains on Memorial Day weekend.  See picture below.

August 2009 update: Have the rain gutter installed now.

September 2009 update: Used the car in David and Kellie's wedding!

September 2010 update:  Just completed installing a new Snyder's 6.0 high compression head.  Car has over 3000 miles now after a full season of touring.  Longest trip was to Stowe, Vermont in August.

Summer 2013 update:  Installed a Volvo type Laycock overdrive in this car also.  Works great.

2004 - 2005
  2008 - 2009  

Seven Station Wagons on Patriot's Day 2008!

With these two helpers, the top was installed in June 2008
Side curtains mounted Memorial Day weekend 2009
New tires and black powder coated wheels installed 8/1/09

Tom Zap's wagon and dog "Sophie".